Pure Colocation Versus Dedicated Colocation and Managed Colocation
Posted by Victor Goodman on 29 November 2010 08:53 PM
Colocation Options Explained-

Often clients when deciding to move there servers need to choose between owning their own servers or renting them from the data center.
Below we have explained the three basic data center options.

1. Pure Colocation
2. Dedicated Servers or Virtual Private Servers ( Also Known as Cloud Computing)
3. Managed Colocation

Dedicated and Cloud Computing and other Fully Managed Options are far more expensive are more difficult to scale than Pure Colocation. The Pro and Con as well as more detail are explained below.
Pure Colocation

Provides your company with physical space, electrical power and network connectivity. In Pure Colocation, your company provides and operates your own servers and other needed equipment. Access is permitted. Pure Colocation results in the lowest cost per servers and for bandwidth use.

PROS: Lowest Overall Cost for Space and Power
Lowest Overall Cost and Most Choices for Bandwidth
Full Access to Gear 24/7/365
Easy and lower cost to scale your deployment.
Ability to Purchase Exactly the Gear you want at the lowest price.
Not tied to "Mystery Box" Data Center Provides.
Full Choice of Bandwidth Providers

CONS: More Upfront cost, as client needs to purchase gear, lowest total costs.

Dedicated Servers:

In this option, the datacenter actually leases or rents the servers to the client. Hardware support is normally provided with this option. For this Service the Data Center Charges additional fees for the equipment leased or rented

PROS: You don't need to purchase servers or hardware support agreement.

CONS: Price is higher than outright Colocation.
You don't get to keep the server.
Price up to three times higher per month for dedicated box as compared to Pure Colocation.
You don't get to choose your own gear, gear is often recycled, in many cases you are given a server someone else used.

Managed Colocation

With this option the data center manages and supports the hardware and normally the operating system, but in most cases not the application itself. Additional Fees are charged for this service.

PROS: Data Center supports hardware and software, monitors servers and handles patches and upgrades, etc. Thus it cuts or replaces staff you would have to provide if you used Pure Colocation.

CONS: Managed Services is easily twice as expensive as Pure Colocation per server.

What Corporate Colocation Provides?

Corporate Colocation provides Pure Colocation, and Managed Colocation, but not dedicated servers. We believe it is most cost effective for the customer to purchase their own hardware.
Corporate Colocation can provide managed service for the operating system and hardware and often down to the application level if the customer so desires.

For more information on how Corporate Colocation can provide Superior Service and Save your company money contact a Corporate Colocation Sales Associate.
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