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Cacti Passwords May Have Changed
Posted by Victor Goodman on 09 February 2017 10:21 AM

Dear Valued Customers


We have upgraded our core switches to the latest Arista Switches, and in some case your Cacti Password may not work.  If you find this so, please put up a ticket to support and we will give you a new password.



Corporate Colocation Team

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Corporate Colocation Opens Green Data Center in LA
Posted by Victor Goodman on 30 November 2010 04:00 AM

By Justin Lee, March 04, 2010

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Data center operator Corporate Colocation ( announced on Thursday it recently built a new green data center in Los Angeles that cuts energy consumption and reduces energy costs. Corporate Colocation hired engineers to design a free cooling system within the facility that would filter the cool Los Angeles air and use it to cool the data center.

The system takes the hot air from the servers and distributes it from the hot aisles in the data center. On days when it is too hot for free cooling the mechanical coolers kicks in.

Corporate Colocation says the engineers it hired calculate up to 70 percent saving on cooling costs for its data centers as compared to traditional cooling. The company also anticipates over 2000 tons less carbon dioxide produced annually from the current installations.

Corporate Colocation Green Cooling saves energy, cuts carbon dioxide emissions and reduces the impact of energy cost to its customers, says the company. The company's current data center suite is 3,300 square feet, with another 5,600 square feet Suite currently under construction.

In related news, Equinix announced this week that its SV2 International Business Exchange data center in Santa Clara, California earned the LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council.

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